Auto Restoration

Turn Your Beat-Up, Old Muscle Car or Hot Rod Into a Gem

Come see the specialists and discover how we can transform your old car. From paint to bodywork, you won't believe your car could ever look this good. Want to know how much your auto restoration is going to cost you? Call us for your FREE estimates.

One-Off Custom

If you are interested in building a one-off custom restoration, Bruno's Autoworks is the right choice for your project. Bruno has experience in creating one-off custom rides for his clients and himself.

If you are looking for a classic auto body and want all the latest engine, gears, suspension, and custom parts, we can help.

Turn Key Project

Investing in the right one-off custom car and a professional builder familiar with completing your project is simple. Bruno's Autoworks is looking for serious owners and full-build project cars. From the frame to interiors, Bruno's Autoworks can create your next ride. We are a nationally known expert in classic restoration, custom restoration, and our paint work is second to none.

If you are interested in building a one-off custom muscle car, hod rod, or classic auto, please contact Bruno's Autoworks. National service is available.
Airbrushing Design


Airbrushing has become a large part of customizing. Today, attention to detail is an important show rule and airbrushing is a great way to show off your ride. Bruno's Autoworks has incorporated airbrush paint into a full-service option for those with more attitude.

Airbrush ghost flames, true fire real flames, or blue or green flames on your ride! Bruno's Autoworks has the experience and vision for this art form. Each airbrushing is 100% original and will set your ride apart from the rest. We can also repair airbrushing. National shipping and receiving are available for tins and helmets.

Do you want more ideas? If you are interested in custom paint or airbrush work for your ride, please contact us!
Enjoy a lifetime WARRANTY on our auto restoration services. Stop by today!
Get a 10% senior or military DISCOUNT on our services.
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